This is a small bio (not a résumé) that is needed for the business side of things and clients' requests.

Djalal Harouni (tixxdz) has been professionally developing software since 2002. Djalal is an Open Source Software (OSS) developer and maintainer, with a focus on improving Linux security in general.


Open Source Software and Security

  • systemd maintainer with a focus on the sandboxing envrionment and related kernel/container/security interfaces.

  • Linux kernel contributor from filesystems, container interfaces, to vulnerability and security bugs.

  • kdbus kernel "dbus-like" developer.

  • CoreOS rkt container developer.

  • CoreOS Fleet maintainer.

  • Nmap maintainer, worked on network scanning techniques, scripting engine and vulnerability scanning support.

  • Ofono contributor to the Open Source telephony stack.

  • Timgad LSM developer of Timgad is a Linux Security Module that collects per process and system-wide security protections that are not handled by the core kernel itself.

  • Ahaggar framework developer - a collection of GCC plugins and various scripts intended to perform quick code analysis.

And other contributions...

Linux Kernel security research

Some talks

  • "Modern deployment for Embedded Linux and IoT" All systems go conference, October 21-22 , 2017 - Berlin, Germany - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZokgqpbQVlE

  • "Apps sandboxing in systemd" All systems go conference 2016, Berlin, Germany