DZ Open Source contributions into space Mars 2020 Helicopter, Ingenuity

Some friends pinged me about a GitHub post that lists Open Source projects used into space, more precisely within the Mars ingenuity mission. The Github post is here: Open source goes to Mars

Today GitHub started to provide a badge for "almost 12,000" developers who have contributed to Open Source projects used in the mission.

Being from Algeria, I know how hard it is to contribute and work on big Open Source projects. As I got my badge: I dedicated to all my friends and Open Source developers / hackers in Algeria, and to Djug Youghourta Benali who passed a way one year ago, Allah yerhmou inchaAllah.

I hope we see more Open Source developers, contributions from Algeria, but also OSS projects being officially adopted as an alternative solution.

Finally, the flight software and embedded systems framework being used by NASA is Open Source and available here: